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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Notice From HR

Many of you received an email yesterday from MSA HR regarding a new pay rate. We advise you not to sign and to reply with the message below. If you've already signed the document, send a follow up email explaining that you'd like to recant your signature and include the statement below. If MSA retaliates or threatens you for sending this message, call us ASAP at (888) 864-6601 and legal action will be taken.

This is a mandatory subject of bargaining under the National Labor Relations Act. The implementation of this policy is a violation of federal law. Please contact my Union at (888) 864-6601 if you're ready to begin negotiations.

Our lawsuits against MSA for unpaid wages are nearing judgment and the new canine home care policy is MSAs attempt at coming into compliance with the law. The policy is the perfect example of "robbing Peter to pay Paul." We first heard rumors of this policy in March when MSA management started visiting posts and making promises that they would change things for the better. I think we can all agree that based on this policy, they had no intention of ever making things better for us.

Many of you have asked us, why have Glen Kucera and MSA refused to negotiate? According to our sources, Glen believes we have neither the ability or the willpower to stop him from making these changes. Unfortunately for Glen, what he's done has violated several sections of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and the NLRB is more than happy to force him into compliance. What Glen doesn't realize is his continuing violation of the NLRA may jeopardize MSA's ability to be involved with TSA's third party canine initiative and other Government contracts. Hopefully, he decides to do the right thing and come to the negotiation table before it's too late.

Without a union, we would have zero recourse against MSA and they could continue with business as usual. Now we have the means to fight for what we deserve and bring MSA to the negotiation table. Never again will our only option be to turn in our dogs if we don't agree with MSAs actions. Things will get better, but we all have to stay strong and stay united.

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  1. There is a famous line from The Godfather "It was just business, nothing personal". The latest moves against us from MSA management show just the opposite - it's very personal. The money for attorneys is not well spent because it would seem all the legal advice MSA gets is flawed and the management hours spent throwing up obstacles against the union and figuring out ways to hurt the handlers is a waste of manpower. The once great reputation of MSA Security has been tarnished, morale amongst the handlers is at an all time low and things can only get worse. Management and the sales force will continue to go out and tell clients that we are the biggest and the best EDC Program in the world, but we all know that is not true, and I'm sure they do as well. Training suffers and they know it. Why do the owners let this happen? Why doesn't the Board of Directors step in and demand an explanation from Glen? Someone must be held accountable for the current sad state of affairs at MSA Security. Glen and Mike may hate the UFK9 Handlers, but at least the Union is reaching out to Management and wanting to make things better for membership. If 9 Murray could only see past their anger they would understand that the company as a whole will benefit if the labor issues are put to rest and negotiations can begin with a spirit of respect and good faith. Too many egos at 9 Murray who think they have all the answers and we are just a bunch of dog walkers and deserve the crumbs they want to give us. What is the end game here? Glen knows, Mike knows, Keith knows and a few others. I'm sure they all have some kind of executive equity agreement in place that will allow them to walk away rich men no matter what fate befalls MSA and the rest of us will be out on the street looking for a job. Do any of us still believe anything that comes out of 9 Murray St.? Do we honestly believe that anyone in management cares one iota about the handlers, the dogs or even the company itself? It's outrageous what they keep trying to force down our throats. The contempt and animosity towards us is palpable but they at too arrogant to admit it. The dogs are overworked, the handlers are spread to thin, and we are an accident waiting to happen. When one of us falls asleep at the wheel heading home and crashes into a tree what do they say to our family? MSA will keep doing "business at usual" because they think we are disposable and the dogs we love are interchangeable. Maybe management can go on another TV show and tell everyone that the dogs are "family" again. I still don't know how those in power at MSA who were once good cops and knew what it meant to back someone up now stand idly by, say nothing and allow all this to happen sleep at night. Afraid of losing their detail I'm sure. No one in a management or any executive at 9 Murray will ever stick-up for the handlers, how sad is that. Now more then ever - stay strong, stay united. Union - count me in.