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Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Message From Bill Beaury

It has been brought to my attention that the true meaning behind this union has been lost in all of the bickering and infighting. For those of you who don’t know, Joe Nacarlo and I were the original plaintiffs in the lawsuit against MSA. We volunteered for this because we were no longer employees of MSA and they wouldn’t be able to come after us for our actions unlike the active employees who were afraid of retribution and retaliation. We were then asked to start a union movement and because of our non-employment status, MSA would be unable to enforce any kind of punishment or retaliation against us. Joe Nacarlo, myself, and three active MSA employees, John Hansen, Joe Tallini, and Tom Brown took on the effort. Our idea was simple: take care of the handler and his/her partner at all costs. We created the by-laws with an attorney so that once we were voted in, they could be amended so that our union would be by MSA employees and for MSA employees and all voices would be heard. Our main objective is to protect you and your canine partner from any mistreatment by MSA management. We sent out lists of what we would be fighting for including pay raises, benefits, and quality of life improvements for your canine. God forbid your canine gets sick or injured and is going to be out of work for an extended period of time, we want to ensure you're not without a paycheck while you’re home caring for your partner.

Recent posturing by MSA had forced us to seek affiliation with the TWU and their 140,000 members. Our meeting, which was scheduled for Wednesday, May 30th, had to be cancelled and rescheduled for Tuesday, June 5th. The President of the TWU had to attend an emergency meeting in Manhattan and couldn’t make our appointment. John Samuelson, TWU’s President, was going to check with his lawyers for the validity of a union like ours being affiliated with his and he will get back to us as soon as these questions are answered. Once voted in, along with the by-laws, we will also reach out to all members to see if affiliation with the TWU will benefit all of us in any way or if we would be better off on our own.

Our only concern throughout this whole ordeal has been the EDC handlers and their partners. We are not seeking any monetary compensation. We are only looking out for what’s best for everyone. Recent anonymous posts on the website forced us to suspend anonymous posting for a few days. If you have a legitimate complaint, sign your name and I will personally call you and answer your questions.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Letter From a Fellow Handler

I have been reading every post and reply on this site and can only say I am completely disgusted at some of the posts and replies. If my fellow handlers cannot read through the bullshit and bogus post, which are obviously orchestrated by individuals in upper-level management positions in MSA who oppose the formation of a union, then you are not the professionals I thought you were.

If anyone of you believes any of their rhetoric then I suggest you take a deep breath and think why would any handler oppose something that would benefit their future? Why would a fellow law enforcement officer or member of our armed forces viciously attack their brothers and sisters in uniform? Who would dissect the union by-laws in such detail to point out what they want you to believe is a problem? This country was built on the backs of unions formed by employees and former employees of companies who cared more about the almighty dollar then the health and well being of their employees. Employers hate unions because it cuts deep into their profits. They fear unions because they represent a “union” of all employees who fight “together” as one, for the same goals. The individuals who have dedicated their own time to help each of “us” get only what we deserve, nothing more are being bashed either by individuals in the MSA hierarchy or those who don’t know anything about a union or what it stands for.

As for any merger talks, first, remember they are talks next, remember there is strength in numbers. And, if you are under the misconception that MSA is not in fear of a merger with a large and strong union, you are wrong! They are shitting in their pants! Additionally, a merger doesn’t mean your dues will increase nothing could be further from the truth. As for that other group (phony union), misrepresenting themselves as a “law enforcement” union they really should give it up. As a union one would think they would support any union, even the one that crushed them in a vote. Unfortunately, they continue to bash your brother and sisters who support the United Federation of K9 Handlers. Is this really the way any union should act toward another? Wasn’t it only a short time ago they wanted to merge with the United Federation of K9 Handlers? By now you would think the little whiners would take their ball and go home.

It is obvious many of you have never belonged to a union and to that I reply, do your research, read up on the reasons why unions were formed in this country. People working for low wages in horrible conditions, long hours in extreme temperatures with little or no break and no paid sick or vacation time or holiday wages to compensate them. Does all that sound familiar?

I read a reply to a post sarcastically answering one of the northeast handlers who wanted to know why handlers in California get paid a higher rate. The reply was, because the cost of living in California is more. Once again, please do your research. The cost of living in New York City is, without a doubt, much higher than California. The union isn’t interested in lowering your salary but increasing the salaries and benefits of handlers everywhere.

Once again, it is my hope the negative comments posted are not from my fellow brother and sister K9 handlers. I would recommend anyone who has doubt about the dedication of our fellow brothers in forming this union and making the work environment better for each you and your K9 companion to examine their resumes and compare their dedication and service to our country to that of our new CEO; A CEO making every attempt for each of you to believe his bullshit. A CEO who claims he visited every K9 handler personally to listen and resolve the issues. Amazingly enough, most of the veteran handlers I spoke with never even met our new CEO but are awaiting that special moment. It seems he has only visited the newer and/or impressionable handlers. Those he can bullshit into believing he’s going to fix all our problems. The same problems that existed when he took office but never changed. The problems the new handlers don’t know existed for years before they were hired. Glen, if you’re going to talk with the handlers, talk with all of the handlers. I for one know complaints over the past year have fallen on deaf ears. Is there a reason why these numerous complaints were not resolved or addressed? Do we need to threaten to unionize before you are willing to exit your office and make promises we all know will not be fulfilled? Is your golden parachute so important to you that you would continuously lie to these new employees? Why are you so reluctant to disclose your contractual agreement to each of your K9 handlers and so willing to have your cronies post erroneous comments on the “nopaymsa” website? I’ve got a better idea, why not post your termination letter from your former employer so everyone can read about the type of person you are?

Ladies and gentlemen, WAKE UP! Now is the time for change, now is the time to better your life, the life of your families, and your K9 partner. Vote for the United Federation of K9 Handlers union, support don’t criticize your brothers and sisters across this great country of ours. A country each of your proudly served in uniform; A country your brothers served without care or concern for their own lives, served proudly as did each of you while our CEO made sure the correct wax was applied to the floor of a rental car company while he committed criminal acts.

After the termination from his previous position, Glen Kucera should never again be employed in a position of corporate trust but yet somehow he is our new CEO. I’m just wondering whose decision was it and why anyone at MSA, a company that employs only police or military (our countries finest), would hire such a vile person. Let’s not forget, they also held onto the other pinhead, Holland LaPlant, for almost a year even though a more qualified individual was already running the scheduling department single-handedly. Zane, you are missed!



Letter From a Fellow Handler

Greetings Fellow Handlers

After months of reading comments and replies to said comments, I now feel the need to put my two cents into play. Please bare with me, i will try to keep this as brief as i possibly can, but I truly want to make a few points that sometimes I feel people are missing here.

1. Equality in pay. To all canine handlers across the U.S., we all ask for equality. Starting wages in New York City is $26/per hour. San Francisco is $35/hour. San Francisco Handlers, your wage doesn't upset any of us, we are not only happy for you, we feel that the company is getting something right by your starting wage. If one goes to smartasset.com and compares cost of living, one will find the cost of living in NYC is higher than San Francisco. We don't want to lower your wages, we want to have ours raised! For all handlers throughout the US! Lets not fight each other, lets support each other and be happy for one another when good things happen!!! Lets "Unionize" with each other in support!

I can go on with other examples across the US, like New York, Florida, Illinois, and other states that have instituted minimum wage hikes, so by the end of 2018 and beyond, wages will be increased to a $15/hr. minimum wage do to cost of living increasing and our federal government refusing to react to higher living expenses and low minimum wage rates. But either way, we are all specialized professionals. Our company charges a minimum of $100/hour for our services with our canines "Minimum" and we should be ALL be compensated for our professionalism and expertise.

2. Canine care and stipend payment. I have worked for MSA for many years, and the stipend payment has been spoken about since the first day I began (with nothing but silence from Murray Street even though some administration there have personally filed suits in the same federal court, in front of the same judges, for the same issue when they were police officers of not being compensated for canine care). So what is the deal? Did they forget their judgments as canine handlers? Amnesia? Or is it a case of "If you don't like it quit?". Why is this still an issue with pending class action law suits being filed and accepted?

How many handlers fill out their monthly stipend reports, and notice that their federally accepted mileage rates exceeds $1000 per month? We haven't even gotten to the food and other supplies we have to cover, for $400?! Another question. When you put your "company canine" in your vehicle and drive to the work site and hour plus away, is the time clock ticking when you leave your front door? Why not? Technically, you are hauling company assets to and from a work site.

With all of the aforementioned things as well as training and maintenance of our canines, WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER AND NOT FIGHT EACH OTHER! THIS UNION VOTE DIDN'T START BECAUSE WE ARE BEING "TAKEN CARE OF WELL BY MSA", PLEASE DON'T FORGET THAT.

With the swipe of a pen, our new CEO could raise the stipend rates across the company and give the employees a "good faith" gesture that he also agrees with the unfair payments to handlers, union or no union votes (guess which way the votes would go with actual "good faith gestures" from administration, who claims to want to do right by their employees). Please don't be fooled by the smoke and mirrors. This is nothing but an illusion act. Great for Las Vegas Shows, terrible for workplace pay.

I truly hope all handlers stop this picking at each other. The whole purpose of unionizing is that "Together we can do more than divided"! Don't allow others to divide and conquer us. Administration truly fantasizes about us fighting internally prior to the union vote.

Fraternally Yours,

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Transport Workers Union

On Wednesday May 30th, The United Federation of K9 Handlers will meet with the President of the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU). They have contacted us to discuss affiliating with TWU, one of the most powerful unions in the nation. TWU is 140,000 members strong with local offices across the entire country.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Union By-Laws

Our complete by-laws are below. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. We have no issue amending them and providing an updated copy to the Department of Labor.

United Federation of K9 Handlers
April, 2018


The name of this Union shall be The United Federation of K9 Handlers ("Union.")


The Union may affiliate with such other organizations as the Board of Directors may from time to time deem advisable.


The Union shall have as its particular object and purpose to represent and advance the interests of Explosive Detection Canine Handlers ("EDCH") employed by Michael Stapleton Associates, LTD, d/b/a MSA Security ("MSA"), and to engage in such other activities which may reasonably further the interests of its Membership.


Section 1: The Union shall have jurisdiction over all MSA EDCH, and its Membership shall consist of such Members. The Union may extend its jurisdiction at any time to include other geographic regions, and/or to include other classes of employees working for MSA, consistent with prevailing law and regulation and these By-Laws. The Union may extend its jurisdiction, and/or may extend its Membership to other classes of MSA employees, after vote and assent by a majority of its Board of Directors.

Section 2: Any current or former MSA EDCH may be admitted as a Member, is eligible to vote in such matters as may be presented to the Membership by the Board of Directors, and shall pay such dues and assessments and perform such duties as the Board of Directors by majority vote requires, or as is otherwise required by these By-Laws. Such Members shall be subject to these By-Laws and any Amendments thereof, and may participate and attend in any general meeting of the Membership. The fact that a person may be eligible for Membership does not mean that the Union must admit him or her to Membership.

Section 3: There shall be no discrimination against any Member, or any applicant for Membership by reason of race, creed, color, religion, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, ancestry, age or disability.


Section 1: The Board of Directors shall consist of one President, two Vice Presidents, one Secretary, one Treasurer and one Sergeant-at-Arms.

Section 2: A majority of the members of the Board of Directors attending any such meeting of same shall constitute a quorum, and shall meet quarterly or as otherwise scheduled by the President or his designee. A Board Member may attend such meeting by Proxy unless objected to by the President.

Section 3: In the periods between general Membership meetings of this Union, the Board of Directors shall have full power to act on behalf of all of the Members of this Union.

Section 4: The President of the Union, or such Committee or Designee as the President shall establish or appoint, shall pass on any disputes involving new applicants, re-admittances or expulsions, and shall create such procedures and/or working rules as may be necessary to govern same.

Section 5: The Board of Directors shall establish policy for the Union and oversee the overall activities and affairs of this Union, utilize the property and funds of the Union consistent with its purposes and the interests of its Members in its discretion, and establish, adopt, prescribe and order such procedures or working rules, and establish such Committees consistent with these By-Laws as are required for the direction and management of the affairs of the Union.

Section 6: The term of office for all Board Members shall be three (3) years, or as soon thereafter as such successors are duly elected and installed.

Section 7: No Member of the Board of Directors (including a prospective candidate for same) may solicit or accept financial support of any kind from any non-Member of the Union (excluding salary associated with regular employment from MSA or other employer.)

Section 8: Any Board Member may nominate, and The Board may elect by majority vote, such Delegates as it deems necessary in its discretion to represent the interests of individual Members, and to act as liaisons between the Membership and the Board. The Board may assign to them such duties as it deems necessary to competently represent the interests of the Membership.

Section 9: The Members of the Board of Directors will serve without pay or compensation. Any salary of the board shall be established by a majority vote of the membership (with the board excluded from the vote).

Section 10: A "Working Committee" comprised of proposed Board Members shall be formed prior to the first election of the Board, in order to further the interests of the prospective Membership, and facilitate the formation of this Union.

Section 11: The Board of the Union shall be the only persons authorized to act for or on behalf of the Union, and the actions, declaration or conduct of any other person shall not be considered to be the acts of any Officer of the Union, or the Union, nor shall they cause or form the basis for liability of any nature whatsoever on the part of the Union.

Section 12: Actions taken by the Board can be overturned by the submission of a Petition, signed by twenty percent (20%) of the Membership, filed with the President, calling for a vote on any specific action taken by the Board. If the twenty percent (20%) signature requirement is satisfied, the matter the subject of the Petition will be referred to the full Membership for a vote at the next membership meeting, or within ninety days, whichever is earlier. Such vote will be decided by a majority vote of a quorum, as defined herein, of Members returning their ballots.

Section 13: Any current or former MSA EDCH with an excess of three (3) years of experience working for MSA may be voted in as a Member of the Board of Directors or as a Delegate.

Section 14: Committees may be formed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors or by the President as may be necessary and advisable to further the business of the Union or the interests of the Membership. Such Committees may consist of Members and/or Board Members and granted such reasonable powers and authority as the President may designate.


Section 1: It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Board, preserve order, enforce these By-Laws, and watch vigilantly over the affairs of the Union. When Board Members are equally divided on any question, the President shall cast the deciding vote. He shall sign all contracts and other legal documents on behalf of the Union, except that checks drawn on any Union Bank Account shall require the signatures of both the Treasurer and the President. The President shall have charge of the welfare and general business of the Union. He shall have the power to call special meetings in his discretion. He shall have the power to hire or terminate any employees, agents, attorneys or consultants to the Union and establish their wages consistent with the then-ability of the Union to pay same after consultation with the Board, and shall request approval of the Board to adjust same. In the event one of the offices of the Union becomes vacant, the President shall fill such office by appointment until such time as an election may be held, as regularly scheduled, to permanently fill the vacancy.

Section 2: The Vice Presidents shall perform such duties as the President designates. The First Vice President shall act in the place of the President in the event of his absence from any meeting, or his death, incapacity or disability.

Section 3: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a correct, full, accurate and impartial account of the proceedings of each meeting of the Board. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all Members, including their names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, their status as Members in Good Standing, and whether they are current employees of MSA. The Secretary shall be principally responsible for communicating with the Membership, and for coordinating and managing the election of Board Members, as applicable, in a fair and impartial manner.

Section 4: : It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all monies on behalf of the Union; to keep true and accurate account of all receipts and expenditures in such separate funds as may be provided for, to make all necessary reports pertaining to the finances and financial condition of the Union, and to balance and submit books for audit and accounting as may be required.

Section 5: It shall be the duty of the Sergeant-at-Arms to take charge of the doors at all meetings and to see that only members in good standing enter unless otherwise ordered, and to preserve peace and harmony in said meetings, and to perform such other duties as the President may designate.


Section 1: The Membership shall elect the Officers of the Board of Directors. Such elections shall be decided by a majority vote of a quorum, as defined herein, of Members returning their ballots.

Section 2: Any candidate who announces in writing his wish to run for any office, shall be permitted, with the assistance of the Secretary, to submit a written statement that shall be communicated to the Membership. If practicable, any statement submitted by any candidate shall be communicated contemporaneously with the statements of other candidates. Any such statements to the Membership shall be submitted to the Secretary, who shall promptly distribute same to the Membership. No more than two such statements shall be submitted by any candidate.

Section 3: The date of any election shall be communicated to the Membership at least twice: sixty (60) days in advance, and thirty (30) days in advance of any election.

Section 4: No candidate for any Office of the Board of Directors shall be eligible to serve on any Election Committee, as may be applicable.

Section 5: The President, in his sole discretion, after consultation with the Board, shall have the right to determine that any candidate for any Office of the Board of Directors, except a candidate the office of President, shall be unqualified to run for office.

Section 5: The Vice Presidents, collectively and jointly, in their sole discretion, shall have the right to determine that any candidate for the office of President shall be unqualified to run for office. If both Vice Presidents do not concur and agree with any such determination, the decision of the First Vice President shall prevail.

Section 6: The Board, or its designated Committee, shall develop and adopt such election forms and procedures it deems necessary to serve the Membership. Any procedures attendant to any election shall be clearly and specifically communicated to the Membership. Ballots may be submitted by mail and/or e-mail. There shall be no proxy voting. All Members in good standing and qualified shall be entitled to vote. Hard copies of all ballots shall be created by the Secretary, or such Committee or Committee Member as has been designated, and preserved by the Secretary for a minimum of three (3) years following any election. All ballots shall be returnable to the Secretary or such Committee or Committee Member as has been designated, as applicable. Results shall be certified in writing by the Secretary and the results promptly communicated to the Membership. Candidates for office may be present or have a proxy as an observer present at the counting of the ballots. Candidates shall be put on notice by the Secretary of the date, time and place of the counting of ballots.


Section 1: The results of any collective bargaining negotiations shall be subject to ratification by the Members by a majority vote of a quorum, as defined herein, of Members returning their ballots.

Section 2: The Membership shall be notified in writing when any collective bargaining negotiations or memorandum of understanding have been concluded.

Section 3: A true copy of all executed collective bargaining agreements and contracts entered into by this Union shall, as soon as is practicable, be available to all Members.

Section 4: Each Member shall adhere to the terms and conditions of pertinent collective bargaining agreements and shall refrain from any conduct that would interfere with the performance by this Union and its Membership of its legal and contractual obligations.


Section 1: In order for a Member to be in good standing, his dues, and any assessments, must be paid within thirty (30) days of when due.

Section 2: Any member failing to pay dues and assessments of the Union within thirty (30) days of when due shall stand automatically delinquent in Membership and shall lose all rights and privileges of good standing Membership.

Section 3: Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 2, above, when a Member is laid-off from employment or is absent from work due to employer lockout or union-authorized strike for more than twenty days consecutive days, such member will be credited for Membership dues for the period of unemployment, but not to exceed six (6) months.


Section 1: This Union shall convene regular General Membership Meetings in its discretion, but not less than once a year.

Section 2: A Special Meeting of the Union may be called for any purpose upon a written request submitted and signed by ten percent (10%) of the Membership to the President. The request shall state clearly the purpose for which the meeting is called. No other business shall be transacted on that occasion.

Section 3: A Special Meeting may also be called by the President or by a majority vote of a quorum of the Board of Directors.

Section 4: The time, date and place of any General Membership Meeting or Special Meeting shall be communicated to the Membership by the Secretary or his designee at least sixty (60) days in advance of any such Meeting.


A quorum of the Membership shall consist of a minimum of ten (10) members voting at any General or Special Meeting, or returning their ballots in response to a Petition distributed in accordance with Article 5, Section 12 of these By-Laws, or returning their ballots at Elections pursuant to Article 7, Section 1 of these By-Laws, and they shall be qualified to transact such business as may properly be considered at such Meeting, or by such Petition, or at such Election.


These By-Laws may be amended at any General Membership Meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of a quorum of the Membership, provided: (1) that the amendment to be voted on has been put in writing and filed, with the President at least ten (10) days prior to a General Membership Meeting; and is signed by signatures of twenty percent (20%) of the Membership.


Section 1: Annual Dues and any Assessments, as applicable, shall initially be established by majority vote of the Board of Directors, with input from the Membership, and which shall remain in effect for a period of one year after implementation, or for such lesser period as may be determined by the President. Any increases in Dues, or any additional Assessments, shall thereafter be approved by a simple majority vote of eligible Members in good standing who return their ballots, in such manner as may be designated by the Board or its designated Committee, as may be applicable.

Section 2: Any proposed increase in Dues, and any proposed Assessments, shall be communicated to the Membership by the Secretary or his designee at least sixty (60) days in advance of the proposed effective date of said increase in Dues or said Assessment. In communicating to the Membership, the Secretary shall explain the reasoning for and purpose of the proposed increase in Dues, or Assessment.


Section 1: The Board shall establish policies regarding strike authorization procedures. Where practical, a forty-eight (48) hour strike vote notice shall be given to Members. Seventy-five percent (75%) of those Members affected by such strike must vote in favor of authorizing a strike in order to proceed with strike activity after Petition by the Board. .

Section 2: No Member shall work as a strikebreaker or violate wage or work standards established by the Union.


These By-Laws shall be in full force and effect from the date of their adoption by majority vote of a quorum of the Members who return their ballots after Petition by the Board, and Article 5, Section 10 of these By-Laws shall be given retroactive effect thereby.

Message from Bill Beaury

Dear Fellow Handlers,

I am sure you have read the latest letter from Mr. Kucera, filled with untruthful statements, and in which he continues to personally malign the people who are working to protect your interests. If there was no threat of a union, he would not be listening to us and would not be promising anything. He has retaliated against K9 handlers and has tried to intimidate us. We have pointed out the law in this regard on numerous occasions.

To address his untruths; I was a union delegate for the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association in the Brooklyn North, Emergency Service Truck 7 Unit for 11 years. I served on the honor committee and the contract committee. What experience does Glen have negotiating labor contracts?

We do not work in Mercy Hospital, which is not part of Northwell Health Corporation, nor do we even work in a hospital. We are not security guards. Our job titles are Specialists, Executive Protection, Corporate Security and Emergency Management. Glen is correct, our current job does not have a union. It might have something to do with how we're treated. Our job voluntarily gives us raises every year. They provide us with several fringe benefits that are very similar to what MSA should be providing many of you according to the Service Contract Act. More importantly, they treat us with respect. Do you see a difference between these benefits and MSAs Glen?

My K9 and I worked for fourteen years at numerous locations and in all kinds of weather, just like the ladies and gentleman on post right now. I dealt with the same problems including insufficient pay, personally absorbing much of the expenses of our K9 partners, and failing to receive the wages required by law. We care about MSA and our K9 partners. I don't believe Glen or the office really know how hard we work, or how much time we spend with our partners. This includes time spent caring for them at home, for which we are not paid, in blatant violation of the law.

Only the threat of a union will get Mr. Kucera to promise anything to anyone. I think we all understand that MSAs owners and officers wish to keep as much money for themselves as they can. They don't want a union to fight for the rights of handlers because they'd rather keep everything "business as usual".

Bill Beaury

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Letter from Ron Dietz

Below is a letter from Ron Dietz, an EDC Handler from Minneapolis. He's asked for it to be posted. We've included our response to his questions below.

I have a few questions that I would like addressed by the union. I started MSA in August of 2017 a few months before Glen was brought in. During the training they informed the entire class MSA was having growing pains and recent issues have caused bad blood between the handlers and the administration. My understanding this was address in classes before and after the class I attended. The New York employees were well informed about the scheduling issues and informed they would be bounced around from location to location with little or no notice. It was made clear if this was not something they wanted to deal with, the position was not going to be something they should further pursue. We were informed of pending litigation between MSA and handlers over pay issues. I, along with my classmates, made the decision to continue with the training and maintain our employment after the current issues were addressed. My understanding is all previous Presidents and CEO’s of MSA have been retired law enforcement officers. As we all know government and private entities have vast differences in how they run their day to day activities. It was clear to me the information addressed in the training was due to a law enforcement administration having control over the company. This was nothing new to me after my seventeen year career in law enforcement.

I met Glen briefly in Anaheim California in 2017. As law enforcement often does they told us to participate in the dog and pony show in front of Glen and make it look good. I walked over shook his had listened to a small speech that ended with Glen making the statement we have all heard a hundred times before “I have an open door if there is anything anyone needs to call me.” I walked away thinking this was nothing I haven’t heard before.

Prior to last years Super Bowl the Minneapolis handlers were told on a number of occasions we were going to be busy over that week and not to plan on doing anything but working. Two of us cleared our schedules rescheduling vacations and taking vacations from full-time jobs. With the Super Bowl approaching within weeks, I contacted the supervisor in charge of event and asked them about the schedule. I was informed MSA was not going to use the Minneapolis handlers but were going to fly in replacements as they didn’t want to interfere with all the work in Minneapolis, keep in mind we have 50 hours a week we split between three handlers, there is not a lot going on in Minneapolis. More conversations took place about the stupidity of not using local handlers in a major event happening in their own city. I resorted back to the statement Glen made to the handlers in Anaheim. I made the call to his office. I received a voicemail and as I was leaving the message I was thinking to myself, I will never hear back from this guy. With in minutes after leaving the message I received a call from Glen. I informed him of the situation and the stupidity behind not using local handlers. Glen listened and stated he would look into the matter. Again I hung up the phone thinking to myself this will have the typical law enforcement out come of nothing. Later that evening handlers received an email with instructions on how to obtain credentials to work the Super Bowl events. Again to my surprise I received a call from Glen the following day informing me the situation was addressed and the Minneapolis handlers will be placed on the schedule. Glen assured me the issues would be addressed in a meeting and the way they staff events would be looked at and addressed for future events. I was told if there were any further issues to notify him. 

When the week finally arrived the schedule came out. I was loaded down with five hours to the other handlers forty - eighty hours. I contacted the supervisor who directed me to another. I spoke with the other and received a negative response and was basically told to deal with it. I again called Glen and informed him of the situation. I could tell Glen was less then impressed with the way the situation was being handled. He assured me it would be handled and it was. Minneapolis handlers had been placed on the schedule with hours comparable to the others. After the Super Bowl to my surprise Glen had called me and asked if everything played out as it should have. Glen apologized about the entire situation and informed me of his plans and the direction he wanted to grow the company. To my surprise Glen reaches out with a phone call, text, or email about once a month just to touch base and ask if everything is going good or if anything is needed in MN. I have voiced concerns about situations other handlers have had with the company and I can honestly say each and every complaint, concern, or suggested change I have brought to his attention has been noticeably addressed. 

I find myself questioning the union efforts after the dealings I have had with Glen. I ponder if Glen has been given a reasonable opportunity to make the changes in the company that are needed. Is Glen being held responsible for the short comings of the prior administration of MSA? As most of us were in law enforcement we have that us verses the administration attitude. Has the union creators thought about suspending the efforts and allowing him an acceptable period of time to address the issues? After reading the letter from yesterday its obvious to me he is willing to make changes but the question is are you willing to allow him the opportunity to do so?

Our Response:

Hi Ron,

Thank you for the letter. Not having steady schedules is the least of our issues. The conflict between handlers and management has been going on for close to ten years. It started after Mike Stapleton left. The pay issues they spoke about are pretty cut and dry. MSA is required to compensate us for off hours care of our K9s. It's already been decided in federal court. MSA had been approached about the issue in the past. It didn't go very well thus making a lawsuit necessary for them to obey labor law.

When this started, we had no issue with Glen. The union wasn't started to attack Glen or MSA. When Glen sent emails to everyone implying we were involved in criminal activity and describing the handlers involved in the union as disgruntled employees, we took issue with that and responded. If a union is voted in, we will have no issue negotiating with Glen for improvements to our quality of life. Glen and the union want the exact same thing. Happy handlers that want to come to work, are proud to represent MSA, and are compensated fairly for the work we do.

The union was started to give handlers an opportunity to negotiate with MSA for a better life. When handlers in the past had attempted to negotiate on their own, they were told to quit if they were unhappy. If Glen is committed to changing the way MSA operates, we're all for it. What concerns us is the way Glen talks about negotiating with us. He's quick to mention strikes, lowering everyones pay, and taking our dogs away from us. He postures himself as if he's defending MSA from some outrageous demands from a foreign enemy. He's quick to target Bill Beaury and Joe Nacarlo, handlers that were integral to MSA after 9/11, yet refuses to acknowledge that a majority of the union board is made up of current handlers that work just a few blocks away from MSA HQ. More importantly, many of our demands are things MSA is required to give us by law. We hope he realizes that negotiating with us is not only good for the handlers, but it's good for MSA as well.
Sorry for the rambling, on to your questions.

Is Glen being held responsible for the short comings of the prior administration of MSA?
Legally, Yes. Glen has been added as a defendant in multiple lawsuits. While he is new to MSA, that doesn't excuse his legal responsibility for their actions. Once he joined MSA, their actions became his actions as well. He's free to implement changes at MSA at anytime to bring them in compliance with labor law.

Has the union creators thought about suspending the efforts and allowing him an acceptable period of time to address the issues?
Believe it or not, yes we have. We decided the election would be the best way to find out if handlers want to give Glen time to fix MSA or want to try and fix it via collective bargaining. If a union is voted down, another petition can't be filed for a full year. We have no desire to fight the outcome of the election. If handlers don't want a union, so be it.

After reading the letter from yesterday its obvious to me he is willing to make changes but the question is are you willing to allow him the opportunity to do so?
I'm sure Glen is willing to make changes but are they changes that are fair to handlers? We've already posted that right this very moment, Glen is capable of implementing compensation for off hours training of our dogs. We've posted the applicable case law from the NLRB and sent it to Glen. MSA had a plan several months ago that they wanted to implement in April to compensate handlers for off hours training. Per NLRB case law, because this plan was created before the petition was filed, Glen can implement it right now without fear of us filing an unfair labor practice charge. Glen sent an email granting benefits to MSA employees that are not EDC Handlers. It included a slight increase to PTO, life insurance, compensation for maintaining special licenses, MSA recognizing Veterans Day as a holiday, and three bereavement days. These benefits were directed at MSAs Operatives. They are just as upset as handlers at how they are treated. They have been receiving the same pay for over 20 years, just like the handlers. These benefits are nice, but it's nothing but fluff. All the Operatives ever wanted was a raise yet this is what they receive.

If Glen wants to come to the table and discuss what his plans are to make handlers happy we will respond by presenting our plans. I'm sure there will be much we agree on. What ever we don't agree on, we will negotiate for an outcome that is both fair to the handlers and not harmful to MSA. After all, most of us work here to.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Glens Ideas for Improvements

By now we're sure you've heard that Glen has promised additional benefits to employees who are not EDC Handlers. This was done in an effort to give EDC Handlers an idea of what they would miss out on if they voted yes for a union. For those that haven't heard about Glen's idea of improving quality of life, here are his plans for fixing MSA. Glens words are in bold below.

Unfortunately, because of the pending union election for EDC handlers, I am legally unable to make any changes to the employment conditions of the EDC handlers. For other MSA employees, the changes are as follows:

We've already dispelled this statement. Glen can enact any policies that MSA had talked about before the union petition was filed. The precedent was set in NLRB case Camvac International, 288 N.L.R.B. 816, 818-819 (1988). If MSA never planned on improving anything before the petition was filed then what are the chances they'd improve anything after a failed election? If a union isn't voted in, a full year must pass before another petition could be filed.

Increased PTO Accrual Rate - All hourly employees, with the exception of the EDC team, will start accruing Paid Time Off at the rate of 1 hour for each 25 hours worked for the payroll period.

This is progress but it falls very short. Many of MSA's contracts with Government agencies require them to give handlers up to five weeks of vacation time. They instead choose to break the law and not provide any vacation time.

Additional Paid Holiday – Since many of our employee population have prior military experience, all employees, with the exception of EDC team, will receive an additional paid holiday for Veteran’s Day.

That's great that Glen is giving more paid holidays to office staff. Did you know that office staff now get eight paid holidays a year? EDC Handlers have never gotten a single paid holiday. MSA has contracts with Government agencies that require they give handlers at least eleven paid holidays a year. They instead choose to break the law and not provide any.

Standardized Bereavement Policy – Effective June 1, all employees, with exception of the EDC team, will receive up to three paid days off for bereavement to attend the funeral of and/or make funeral arrangements for an immediate family member.

Glen uses the word "standardized" because this is what everyone in management has gotten for years.

Payments for Maintaining Key Licenses & Credentials – A new program will be put in place to compensate employees, with the exception of the EDC team, who maintain key licenses and credentials. The program will be rolled-out June 1, 2018, and will include those that maintain their SIDA, SWAC, TWIC and Waterfront Licenses. In addition, any employee who maintains their armed guard license (and is on a post requiring an armed guard) will also be compensated. Details of the program are forthcoming.

This one is interesting. We've received complaints from handlers that were forced to pay for their own SWAC, TWIC, and other credentials. They submitted expense reports but were denied reimbursement. On the other hand, some handlers have been reimbursed for these credentials. It seems to depend on who you are and who you submit the expense report to. If you need a credential to work, MSA should be paying for it.

Life Insurance – Effective in June 2018, all employees working a minimum of 17.5 hours, with the exception of the EDC team, will be covered under a new Group Term Life policy while they are employed with MSA Security for an amount of 1 x annual pay, up to $50,000, at no cost to the employee.

This one is actually a good idea. We'd have to see the fine print to make sure the award is paid to your beneficiary regardless of the location of death. For example, the benefit is only paid if you pass away during working hours or in a work related accident.

For all employees communicating directly with MSA’s executive management, I want you to know that your voice has been heard. I, along with my management team, will continue to spend significant time collaborating with our clients and employees, and will make decisions to benefit both parties. MSA is in a great position for sustainable future growth, and will continue to expand and improve our solutions in high consequence security.

We don't think any of the above benefits are worth voting no in the upcoming election. They are not worth sacrificing the ability for all of us to collectively negotiate with MSA to improve our quality of life. If Glen wanted to do the right thing for the handlers he would compensate us for off hours training as required by law, increase our stipend, and implement a system of raises. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Message from Bill Beaury

I'd like to provide everyone with a little history on one of the of the so called ex-disgruntled employees Glen likes to talk about.

I worked for MSA as an EDC handler from January 2002 until August of 2015. As a handler, I worked almost every location MSA covered. As a good employee, I worked whenever asked to, and went where I was told. I worked holidays, weekends, late nights, and early mornings just like all of you have.

In August of 2015, I was promoted to field supervisor. As a supervisor, I set out everyday to do the right thing for the guys and girls in the street. From filling a company van with gas so the guys and their partners would have a place to sit and warm up, to giving guys extra breaks who were forced to do doubles, or just stopping bye to say hello with a warm cup of coffee. Joe Nacarlo and myself were known for working tours on the weekends for guys who needed off but were denied leave. MSA would always blame the lack of personnel. One of the biggest accomplishments was defending handlers when bosses and office personnel would put them down. The office folks would screw up and blame the handlers instead of taking responsibility for their failures. They often degraded and made fun of handlers for situations that had nothing to do with them.

I could go on and on telling stories about what went on behind the scenes at 9 Murray Street but I believe you are very well aware of MSAs habits and I'm sure everyone has their own horror stories. As time went on, more and more responsibility was piled on us and our phones rang 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. We were traveling every weekend, all across the country, for NFL games because MSA did not have enough personnel to cover them. We approached our immediate supervisor to discuss being compensated for the extra work and travel we were doing on top of our supervisory duties. We were told, “do what you gotta do, they are not giving you anything.” When they told us this after 14 years of loyalty, we found other jobs and left in March of 2016.

Are we disgruntled? I don't think so. We're pissed off at the way handlers are treated.

Now you know the real story Glen. Next time you feel the need to describe us as disgruntled, you must ask yourself, are they really disgruntled or were they just tired of MSAs business as usual?

Bill Beaury

Message from Chicago

Below is a message from a handler in Chicago. It would seem Glen is back in Chicago. We hope he enjoys the deep dish pizza. If you have a message or story about MSA you'd like to share with everyone, email us at info@nopaymsa.com. You identity will always be kept confidential.

I am currently an employee of MSA, hesitant to send any emails because fear of retaliation. MSA has proven their power over me a few times. Glen is making his rounds again in Chicago today and continues to refer to you all as the "guys working out of the garage." I guess he forgets that he used to park rentals in one. Teams in Chicago are all for UFK9 but maybe two handlers. Many handlers here in Chicago have been forced to work OT with quick turn arounds. Dennis Hughes runs Chicago like a prison and treats his teams horribly, forgetting that he was one of us before. Every handler he has hired, he has fired (4). Then there are the handler's that have left because of him. Favoritism continues on a daily basis, followed with mistakes and errors. MSA is not the same, I look forward to being part of the union. There is so much more wrong going on but I fear disclosing it would reveal my identity and I have learned to trust no one.


Handler Stories...

The following is a story sent to us by a fellow handler. Thank you for the support.

A union busting lawyer and two bosses from MSA showed up at my site and told me how much I could loose if I voted for a union. After listening intently until they finished,  I finally spoke.

I have worked here for fourteen years. I've worked holidays, weekends, and nights. I've worked in the snow, the cold, the rain, and every imaginable tour. Two years ago I received a two dollar an hour raise. MSA does not provide me with any medical benefits, dental coverage, eyeglass coverage, or prescription coverage. I do get one hour time off for every thirty hours I work but thats only because it is mandated by law. I looked at all three of them and said, "What have I gotten from MSA in the last 14 years that I could actually loose if I voted for a union?"

They all just looked at one another and left without speaking a word.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Letter From a Fellow Handler

The following is an unsolicited anonymous letter from a fellow MSA K9 handler. They asked for it to be posted for all to read. If you have a message to management that you'd like posted here, email us at info@nopaymsa.com. Your identity will always be kept confidential.

Over the past several months I’ve had an opportunity to read emails from both unions vying for the opportunity to represent all handlers in our attempt to form a union. I have also read emails from some MSA executives exhaling the achievements in the little time they have taken a position at MSA. Contrary to their own belief, they have done nothing to change the environment in which we work, except to make it worse.

I have been with MSA for a number of years and, like you, love working with my K9. As a retired police officer with many years of experience working and training dogs I am shocked that we are all forgetting the most important commodity, our dogs. Do any of you actually believe our new CEO, Glen Kucera, has more interest in our dogs than he does the almighty buck? Our dogs are outside in extreme temperatures night and day for hours. Handlers go from one 8 or 12 hour assignment to another, sometimes with only a couple of hours sleep in their car. Are they both capable to perform their task to the fullest ability? Are not the lives of the people they were hired to protect and themselves at great risk? MSA issues guidelines with regard to their extreme weather protocol but when the handler tries to keep both him/herself warm or cool they are admonished by MSA. At what point is this considered cruelty to our K9?

The individuals who are trying to establish a union are highly decorated police officers, not “disgruntled former employees”. They seek change for every one of you, those individuals who work in the trenches with them whether you are in California, Maine, Texas, Florida or any other location. They know what it is to work hand-in-hand, shoulder to shoulder with a total stranger who may wear a different uniform or be from a different part of our country but are there to perform a task for the benefit of everyone. They worked on 9-11 at this countries most horrific event and no-one was treated differently. Through their tenure at MSA they’ve gone from praise to despair. They’ve seen problems and have been chastised for bringing them to the attention of management. They know we are all in this fight together and together we will win.

I have read several concerns from our handlers in California. While you have a valid concern, there is no reason for you to believe your salaries will be lowered after a union is voted in. In fact, you have more of a chance that our present CEO, Glen Kucera, will lower your salaries if a union is not voted in. If that were to occur, what would be your recourse without union representation? We work for a company who can lower or raise your salary, grant you benefits or remove them, or terminate your employment at any time, for any reason without recourse. You serve at the will of MSA!

As of right now we all work for a company, who placed, Glen Kucera, the former head of an Arizona janitorial supply company for rental cars in charge and need I remind you under what conditions he was terminated, HE LIED!!!! Have any of you actually seen any benefits solely to you, as a handler, from the time he took his original position at MSA? Those benefits he boasts so proudly of? Or, were they benefits put in place for senior management and other specific personnel and they just threw us a bone? He allowed Holland LaPlant to single handedly ruin the lives of many handlers forcing them to quit while others had their beloved K9 removed from their lives forever. This done without any remorse or regard to the dog or the person whose life they ruined. This, my brothers and sisters, is what happens when you do not have union representation. He allowed Mr. LaPlant to cut hours of handlers who stood up to his discriminatory tactics or complained to higher authorities. Handlers whose hours were cut by Mr. LaPlant have still not had those hours returned while others are still working in excess of 60 hours a week. This, my brothers and sisters, is what happens when you don’t have a union.

I’ve seen CEOs and Vice Presidents of corporations while they prepare for the sale of their company, after board approval. I’ve watched the actions of those CEOs and Vice Presidents when the board agrees to a “merger” which has the mark of a sale on it. Believe me, this is it! As you have been reading, the higher the value of a sale means a greater payday for those in the positions of CEO and/or Vice President. Let’s face facts, do you think they can or would actually tell anyone outside their circle of trust that the company is about to be sold a year or more from now? NO, they couldn’t. Do you still want to believe Glen Kucera? When you’re out of work maybe he can get you a good price on a used rental car.

I urge each of you, no matter where you work for MSA as a K9 handler, for your benefit, the benefit or your families, and the benefit of our K9 companions, vote for the United Federation of K9 Handlers. We are all in this together, hand-in-hand, fighting the same fight.



Saturday, May 12, 2018

Glen Threatens Paycuts

Below you'll find an email from a handler in Northern California and our response. If you've ever been told by management that you will receive a pay cut if you vote for a union please email us at nopaymsa@gmail.com. This is a serious crime and we will be reporting it to the proper authorities.

From: (Name Redacted)
To: No Pay MSA

In the email where you stated what you were fighting for, you said you were going to fight for $26/hr across the board along with the other incentives...Glen reiterated that and told us when he met with him that you guys were pushing for $26/hr and that if we unionized, and that it was the agreed upon pay rate, thats what everyone would get across the board...if thats the case, what would be the incentive for us to vote to unionize if you are already proposing $26/hr across the board before negotiations even begin, cutting our pay rate by $9.00/hr?

From: No Pay MSA
To: (Redacted)


You asked us this same question in April and we told you we would never ask for anyone's pay rates to be lowered. The fact that Glen told you this is very serious. He's violated several laws by saying this in the meeting and we will be reporting him to the Federal Government for investigation.

In addition, the email we sent said the starting pay would remain at $26. We never said anything about current handlers pay being lowered. We also believe the pay rate for new handlers in NorCal should remain at $35 just like we told you in April.

Our position is the same as it always has been. We will never lower anyone's pay rates or use it as a bargaining chip. We know there are several areas in the country besides NorCal that have different pay rates and we have no issue with them continuing at that rate. MSA makes more than enough money to allow us all to have a livable wage and the benefits that are required by law.

If you have any other questions, please ask.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Countdown to Mike and Glens Response

We will be publishing any response we receive as soon as possible.

Another Message to Glen Kucera

From now on, our letters to Glen will be sent directly to his MSA email account. If he decides to respond, we will post it here unedited. We doubt there will be any response because Glen likes to avoid having to present facts or evidence to back up any of his claims. Also, we're sure his "very expensive" lawyers will advise him not to have an actual constructive dialogue with us because that might allow everyone to come to a mutually beneficial agreement and understanding. This is something Glen has no desire to accomplish because it could cost him money.

He's stated in his previous letters his disdain with the idea of negotiating with disgruntled ex-employees. Disgruntled is a harsh term. Why does he never mention that they were integral in the operations of MSA after September 11th and were held in high regards by everyone who worked with them? More importantly, why doesn't Glen ever mention the three disgruntled current employees that he and the rest of management avoid at all costs that will also be involved in the negotiations? If Glen has been formulating plans to make all of our lives better, why won't he implement any of them unless you vote no? That sounds an awful lot like a hostage situation.

Glen has mentioned in the past that he's not legally allowed to change anything right now because of the union election. This isn't true at all. Glen is assuming that if he actually tries to make things better, we will file unfair labor practice charges with the NLRB. In reality, Glen could implement any ideas he had before the union petition was filed (March 12th 2018) without fear of charges being filed. National Labor Relations Board precedent permits an employer to implement a change it had firmly decided on before an election, even if in the interim its previously unrepresented employees have elected a union. This precedent preserves a nonunion employer's unconditional right to make firm decisions regarding its work force without the risk of future unionization negating those decisions (Camvac International, 288 N.L.R.B. 816, 818-819 (1988)). Could we file charges for ideas he's had after March 12th? Of course, but the only reason we would file these charges is if Glen decides to make everything worse for all of us as a retaliation tactic. Could Glen give us all a raise to $35 an hour? That'd be great! Could he raise our monthly stipend to a reasonable amount? Absolutely! What about obeying labor law and paying us for at home maintenance of our K9s? Damn right! Honestly, we wouldn't say a damn thing about it because it's what every handler wants. If Glen can make all these changes right this very minute, what is stopping him? That's easy! He has no desire to make any changes and is holding us hostage by telling us he won't negotiate with us and that he is our sole savior. Do us all a favor Glen, stop thinking about how to make MSA better and just do something.

If Mike O'Neil and Glen Kucera had plans to improve our quality of life before the petition was filed and are legally able to implement those changes now, why would they hold those plans over our heads and only enact them if we vote against the union? It's because they never had any plans to improve MSA and they have no desire to change anything in the future. If we're wrong, send everyone your plans for making MSA a better place to work.

Glen likes to say a union is a "worst case scenario" for the handlers at MSA. It seems like the consensus is that it really can't get any worse. More and more senior handlers are leaving every week. We continue to be called into the office to be attacked by management for no reason and without representation. Certain handlers are receiving pay cuts and are told it's because MSA "is getting ready for the union." Why are we being used as an excuse for you to retaliate against handlers Glen? Why can't you just be honest with everyone and admit it's because you want a bigger bonus? If we're wrong, send everyone your employment agreement to prove it.

Glen has no desire to negotiate for one simple reason, money. The management at MSA has claimed that the idea of unionization has caused the companies value to drop thus preventing a sale by Perella Weinberg, the true owners of MSA. They know that if a union is not voted in, another petition can not be filed for a full year. This gives plenty of time for Glen to facilitate a sale of MSA and, if his employment agreement is similar to ones he's had in the past, make off with millions in bonuses. Below is a copy of Glens employment agreement from his last job that he was fired from for falsifying the value of the company to get a bigger bonus.

The hiring of Glen Kucera raises quite a few questions. Such as where is Mike O'Neil and why isn't he sending out letters like this? Why was Glen hired in the first place if he has a history of financial negligence? Who actually hired Glen? Mike O'Neil is the the only one above Glen but are we to believe that Mike couldn't find a single member of law enforcement or the military that would have taken the job? Why would Mike hire a former CEO of janitorial service companies from Arizona that specializes in cleaning the floors of car rental facilities that was fired for misconduct to lead one of the most elite security companies in the world? Is it possible that Mike no longer controls anything at MSA and Glen Kucera was installed as a fixer by Perella Weinberg to ensure they get the maximum profit from a sale of the company? Maybe Mike O'Neil could write us all a letter answering some of these questions.

If any of you are unsure about why MSA needs a union, just ask any handler that has been around for awhile. Listen to the stories of MSA retiring handlers dogs only to take them away and give them to strangers as revenge. The stories of handlers being ordered to come back from vacation early to work and are then "laid-off" if they refuse. The hundreds of stories about the "If you don't like it, quit" policy of management. 

MSA is dying. The turnover rate is atrocious and longtime handlers are leaving at an increasing rate. Fifteen years ago it was a company that respected its employees more than almost any other company in the country. Now it treats us like garbage and expects us to thank them for it. If you're going to advertise us as the best, we should be treated like the best. If Mike and Glen have any interest in saving MSA, they'll sit down with us after the election and talk about what needs to change.

One final thought for Glen. Next time you feel the need to write another letter devoid of facts, evidence, or information do us all a favor and use that energy to actually do something.

The vote totals in Glens letter are incorrect. The actual count is on the official US Government document below. It's just another example of us providing hard evidence to prove Glen wrong.

Runoff Election

A runoff election has been ordered by the National Labor Relations Board. The ballot will only have two options this time. You can vote either YES or NO to be represented by the United Federation of K9 Handlers. The ballots will be mailed on Monday May 21st. If you haven't received a ballot by Monday May 28th, contact the NLRB Regional Office in Brooklyn for a replacement ballot. The ballots will be counted at 10am on Tuesday, June 12th at 2 Metro Tech Center in Brooklyn.

Monday, May 7, 2018

A Message From Bill Beaury

Dear Fellow K-9 Handlers,

I wish to thank all of you for your support in the last election. Though we received the most votes, we did not receive the required 51% to win. I will once again be asking for your support in the runoff election with MSA. We will be posting updates here as we receive them. If you know of any handlers that are unsure as to the benefits of a union please direct them to this site. Any questions they have can be asked anonymously in the comments section.

Thank you for your continued support,

Bill Beaury

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Election Results

117 - United Federation of K9 Handlers

93 - Neither

42 - LEOSU

Since a 51% majority was not attained by any party, there will be a runoff election of the top two choices. The date will be announced soon.

Election Day

Good Morning,

Today at 10am, the ballots will be counted by the National Labor Relations Board. We will be on site for the tabulation. Updates will be posted here as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Bill, Joe, John, Joe, and Tom