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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Handler Stories...

The following is a story sent to us by a fellow handler. Thank you for the support.

A union busting lawyer and two bosses from MSA showed up at my site and told me how much I could loose if I voted for a union. After listening intently until they finished,  I finally spoke.

I have worked here for fourteen years. I've worked holidays, weekends, and nights. I've worked in the snow, the cold, the rain, and every imaginable tour. Two years ago I received a two dollar an hour raise. MSA does not provide me with any medical benefits, dental coverage, eyeglass coverage, or prescription coverage. I do get one hour time off for every thirty hours I work but thats only because it is mandated by law. I looked at all three of them and said, "What have I gotten from MSA in the last 14 years that I could actually loose if I voted for a union?"

They all just looked at one another and left without speaking a word.

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