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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Election Results

117 - United Federation of K9 Handlers

93 - Neither

42 - LEOSU

Since a 51% majority was not attained by any party, there will be a runoff election of the top two choices. The date will be announced soon.


  1. 42 wasted votes. It's like voting for Ross Perot, no chance of winning, just a spoiler.

  2. To my fellow Veterans and and Cops (yes I was both), First off I cant believe 42 of you voted for that charlatan in LEOSU. Just one look at that scam of a website should have raised red flags. Thats a bogus union if I ever saw one. I'll ask you to please on the next vote to Vote for the UFK9 Handlers. We need your vote. To my Brothers who voted neither, not much I can say except why? Did you believe the suits and Pog's when they cam out to the field talking their BS about how they are going to make changes? Bull$hit, their lying. Talk to any Handler whose been here for 10 years or more, nothing has changed since Mike Stapelton sold the company. 10 - 15 years ago $28 an hour and a $400 stipend was top pay in any security company. Now, that's the low end and if your happy with that great, I'm not for the work we and our K9's do. As God is my witness, if we dont get a Union, MSA will DO NOTHING for us. Your pay is not going up, Your stipend is not going up, your not getting any vacation days like the suits and POG's in the office. They are going to settle the lawsuits for as little as they can, keep the value of the company up, it's going to sell and every suit in Murray street is going to get a selling bonus. My Brothers and Sisters, think about this when the next vote comes out. If we dont look out for each other, no one else will.