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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Transport Workers Union

On Wednesday May 30th, The United Federation of K9 Handlers will meet with the President of the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU). They have contacted us to discuss affiliating with TWU, one of the most powerful unions in the nation. TWU is 140,000 members strong with local offices across the entire country.


  1. What do we have to do with Transport Workers??? Absolutely NOTHING!.....We are Law Enforcement Officers NOT TRANSPORT WORKERS!

    1. Your not law enforcement. Your a civilian.

    2. You're Steve Maritas.

  2. Look at this the BOARD OF DIRECTORS made another decision WITHOUT the Memberships Approval.



    The Union may affiliate with such other organizations as the Board of Directors may from time to time deem advisable.

  3. When do the Handlers get to vote on this potential affiliation to see if we think it’s in our best interests?

    1. LOL...See article 2 of their bylaws to get the answer.

    2. Boys, this is looking more and more like some type of scam!!! What in the hell are we going to do with the TWU? And why in the hell is this even being brought up SO close to the vote? Could it be that, someone in the garage finally realized that they bit off more than they could chew? And the fact that they contacted us, could it be an attempt to add to their membership? All of this LAST MINUTE talks of joining the TWU is BS! How in the hell, do you guys thinks people are going to want to still with MSA after dealing with this nonsense? They won't! People are probably already looking for employment elsewhere right now. And just staying with MSA until they have new jobs. If MSA doesn't keep the good employees, it's gonna close the doors! Than this "alleged k9 union" is not gonna mean anything! I was thinking on voting for the union, but after this. You'd have to be OUT OF YOUR MIND to vote for this SCAM! And I'm gonna tell everyone I know to vote NO!

    3. No one stays with MSA as it is. This place is a revolving door.

  4. Oh, and one more thing. That stupid comment about, us not being "Law Enforcement", guess what, WE WERE HIRED FOR OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND MILITARY BACKGROUNDS!!! So that would make us Retired Law Enforcement and Veterans! WAY DIFFERNT THAN "CIVILIANS"!

  5. Wow at the last minute our potential UF of K9 Handlers union has decided To partner up with the Transport Workers Union. Why? Could it be for the money. In the ByLaws no dues amounts are specifically stated, but 20 dollars for handlers over 20 hours and 10 dollars for handlers under 19 hours has been proposed. This was stated in the May 20th (847 pm) post. Read between the lines. Joing this union,who has been given the title as one of the most powerful unions in the nation by the author of this post, can only mean one thing. An increase in dues to a union that doesn't even exis yet. Also our self appointed President of the union (which does not exist) is making executive decisions for all of its memebers (again memebers that do not exist) without any type of input or vote. It is apparent what is going on. Our self apponted President is incompetent, jumped into this union thing too fast and without getting his ducks lined up and being prepared enough to answer for and defend this union against MSA. So instead we are now going to potentially merge/join/ be absorbed by the Transport Workers Union. To me, my opinion only, it appears that our potential K9 union is weak and unable to stand up to MSA, so we are now leaning on an outside union for assistance. But at what cost (long and short term) to handlers. So we are going to "air out our dirty laundry" if you will to an outside union that is going to help us. Does anyone see anything wrong with this. What if a falling out happens and we seperate. I would think we want to keep all of MSA's and our future shortcomings and negotiations in house. No need for an additional 140,000 potential members know our business which could effect future employment.
    I know alot of responses will be : reference the by-laws. My response to that is the by-laws are completely useless. Why? Because after several requests our by-laws were posted on May 20th. To the common person these by-laws are our rules and regulations. To me these are writen in stone and these by-laws are what we will go by if a union was voted on. However, on 05-20 at 234pm this was posted from "Message from Bill Beaury" in regards to by laws: Well we were going to post them tonight, like we told you yesterday. Tell you what, give us a few minutes to think up the whole thing, type it up, and have it reviewed by our lawyer and the Office of Labor Management and Standards. It is Sunday, so it might take a while for them to get back to us. Then 10 minutes later at 244pm this was posted from the same post dated 05-20 It took a lot of work, but they're up. How we managed to invent the whole thing out of thin air and have it reviewed by a lawyer and the Department of Labor in the last five minutes on a Sunday afternoon is astonishing. Looking at this how did all of our by-law get approved in 10 minutes by a lawyer and the Department of Labor on a Sunday sounds like a complete scam. It sounds like our by-laws were cut and pasted posted only to please us. Because really is the Department of Labor and a lawyer available on a Sunday.?
    Between associating with an outside union and the fact that we dont even know if the by-laws are either ready to go or still only a "rough draft".concerns me enough to even think this union is even worth it. Maybe its time for this potential K9 union to pull the plug and regroup.
    Issues have been brought to the for front, feathers ruffled, and serious questions about MSA and their practices have been exposed and they need to be addressed. However I feel this potential union is unable to address these issues and hold MSA accountable at this time. Too many inconsistencies with this K9 union. So, no to this union.
    Oh by the way I am retired Law Enforcent and a Veteran. I am not a just a "CIVILIAN"

  6. Does TWU stand for Transvestite Workers Union? Just Saying?

  7. Yesterday I posted a question to Bill Beaury. Instead of answering it, he posted the TWU post as a diversion tactic. Why is he refusing to answer it? Bill please answer the question below!

    AnonymousMay 24, 2018 at 4:31 PM
    @ No Pay MSA: President Bill Beaury,

    Bill after reading your reply to MSA handler Chris Moritz, you must think the 350 MSA handlers from around the country are either naive, stupid or we are just total idiots to believe what your now telling us. Specifically: "What we posted isn't final by any means. A final draft of the bylaws can only be approved by the membership as stated in Article 15. We have no issue changing any part of the bylaws".

    You noted in your last post dated Sunday, May 20, 2018 Message from Bill Beaury the following remarks when I asked YOU to post the By-Laws for everyone to read:

    No Pay MSA May 20, 2018 at 2:34 PM "Well we were going to post them tonight, like we told you yesterday. Tell you what, give us a few minutes to think up the whole thing, type it up, and have it reviewed by our lawyer and the Office of Labor Management and Standards. It is Sunday, so it might take a while for them to get back to us".

    No Pay MSA May 20, 2018 at 2:44 PM "It took a lot of work, but they're up. How we managed to invent the whole thing out of thin air and have it reviewed by a lawyer and the Department of Labor in the last five minutes on a Sunday afternoon is astonishing".

    With that said YOU are now telling us this is NOT THE FINAL DRAFT! WTF....Did You or Did You NOT submit these By-Laws to the Department of Labor?

    If You did, like YOU claimed you did, then these By-Laws would be the FINAL BY-LAWS which have been submitted and approved by your Attorney & the Department of Labor and NOT a Draft as you are NOW claiming.

    If you are NOW claiming these are NOT the final draft, then YOU OUTRIGHT LIED to us all about submitting The United Federation of K9 Handlers ("Union.") By-Laws to the Department of Labor.

    Which is it? All of the 350 Handlers around the country want to know!

  8. I think it may be time to head for the life boats, cause this ship is taking on water FAST!!!

  9. The TWU, really? You want to get in bed with them? We get along pretty good with law enforcement (NYPD etc.) for now. TWU protested & sided with the occupy wall street shitheads vs the NYPD. It might be awhile ago but the cops remember.

    “TWU Local 100 supports the protesters on Wall Street and takes great offense that the mayor and NYPD have ordered operators to transport citizens who were exercising their constitutional right to protest — and shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place,” said Union President John Samuelsen, who called the police’s power play “a blatant act of political retaliation.” Three days before the mass arrests, TWU had declared their support for the Occupy Wall Street protests, with their demand for “Democracy Not Corporatocracy.”



  10. If this is true as law enforcement why and the hell would we even associate with them. This union thing is turning into a complete disaster If this is the way Bill is going to run this union it is Time to put on the life vests.

  11. Wait a minute, how is the "Union" meeting with and talking to anyone if this vote is not final? How can a meeting be set with the TWU and WHO is meeting with them? WE have elected anyone yet to do this! Maybe I'm wrong. But this is seeming more and more, BAD! There is a saying, "You can put lipstick on a pig, but in the end you still have a pig", seems like we are going from what some a bad MSA culture to a bad, union culture.

  12. These fucking bullshit By-Laws should have been out way before even the first vote!

  13. I Just found TWU Constitution and By-Laws. On Page 54 you can see how much our NEW DUES RATE is going to be.

    SECTION 1. (a) Effective January 1, 1978, the minimum
    monthly dues for membership in the Transport
    Workers Union shall be two times the hourly wage
    rate on the first day of the dues month, or $10.50,
    whichever is greater.

    Check it out for yourself below. There is NO WAY I'm paying $52 per month! California will be paying more!


  14. So now my dues went from maybe 20 to 52 dollars for what .there are no guarentees. Thus is a scam .i agree why wouldn't the by laws be posted before the vote. UF K9 knows its a scam as well but wanted to suck in as many people as they can. I hope everyone reads this and understands MSA is not perfect but these unions yes plural are anti cop and a complete rip off. Everyone needs to vote no and lets regroup.

  15. Where are all the pro union people now? Maybe there is a logical explanation to this madness. Just kidding there is no good explanation on what is happening .just my 2 cents.

  16. I disagree with you there are guarantees. I guarantee you will be paying dues each month to pay for a lawyer who is going to suck us dry. Guaranteed!

  17. All of you are out of your god-forsaken minds!! Holy shit!! There are more trolls here than the trolls being produced by Putin and the Russian oligarchs!!! Glen?!!! is that you behind all the Obsessive Compulsive responses?!! Or maybe its Steve Maritas in bed with Glen? Oh please.... I have already voted and I voted for UNION!! Glen's attempt to appease us by given us bullshit crumbs for improvement is nothing but laughable. If you do your research, you can find the MSA Employee handbook online for salaried employees. If you think that those twinkies behind a desk at Murray Street is more deserving of their generous pay and benefits than us, then you are wrong!!! I would not mind paying dues knowing there will be some sort of protection from the Bernie Madoff off-springs of 9 Murray Street. For those of you from California or elsewhere who have their doubts just because you have not experienced the up front and personal bullshit from the administration, then you are very fortunate!! You will eventually find out what we are experiencing soon enough, so pucker that asshole and hold on! So you would rather take the word of a well known and documented financial crook (Glen) who was fired and sued by representatives from his previous organization.

    The trolls are up and arms now that there is a mention of affiliating with the TWU? Shit! By Golly Geez Whiz Folks!!!! The Westerners are Rooting Tooting to the sounds of California Raisins!! Affiliating with a more powerful Union is actually a great thing. It means you have more resources and backing for the main assault.

    It is common practice for unions big like shlong and small like a California raising to affiliate! It does not result on a dissolution of an existing union. A union is not needed if companies treat their employees with dignity and respect. This is why unionization is needed while in MSA. Every single turd in 9 Murray is nothing but a manipulative POS.

    NYC is ground zero for all of this union effort. I sure do hope Glen does his rounds here because not only will I tell him like it is! But I will film it for all you trolls to see.

  18. Just wondering why the "Anonymous" option is not working anymore? Could it be possible a form of censorship?

  19. Received an email about the TWU. Is this true?

    Today the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU, LEOS-PBA would like to acknowledge every MSA veteran for their service. Memorial Day is not only a day to recognize our veterans, but it is a a solemn day of remembrance for those who have died serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

    With that said, we have received a number of calls over the weekend related to a post that was posted on NO PAY MSA's website in regards to an affiliation agreement between the Federation of K9 Handlers and the Transport Workers Union TWU. The question that was most asked was, is it legally possible for the Federation of K9 Handlers to legally affiliate with the TWU or any other union that represents non-guards?

    The answer is no. 

    Under Section 9(b)(3) of the National Labor Relations Act the law is very clear on which type of union can represent private law enforcement officers doing security work. Section 9(b)(3) of the National Labor Relations Act clearly states:


     Sec. 9 [§ 159.] (a) [Exclusive representatives; employees' adjustment of grievances directly with employer] 

    (b) [Determination of bargaining unit by Board] The Board shall decide in each case whether, in order to assure to employees the fullest freedom in exercising the rights guaranteed by this Act [subchapter], the unit appropriate for the purposes of collective bargaining shall be the employer unit, craft unit, plant unit, or subdivision thereof: Provided, That the Board shall not (1) decide that any unit is appropriate for such purposes if such unit includes both professional employees and employees who are not professional employees unless a majority of such professional employees vote for inclusion in such unit; or (2) decide that any craft unit is inappropriate for such purposes on the ground that a different unit has been established by a prior Board determination, unless a majority of the employees in the proposed craft unit votes against separate representation or (3) decide that any unit is appropriate for such purposes if it includes, together with other employees, any individual employed as a guard to enforce against employees and other persons rules to protect property of the employer or to protect the safety of persons on the employer's premises; 

    but no labor organization shall be certified as the representative of employees in a bargaining unit of guards if such organization admits to membership, or is affiliated directly or indirectly with an organization which admits to membership, employees other than guards.

    Based on the above it would be illegal for the Federation of K9 Handlers to affiliate directly or indirectly with the TWU or any other Union that admits into its membership NON-GUARDS.

    If for instance the Federation of K9 Handlers did decide to affiliate with the TWU or any other NON-GUARD Union, the National Labor Relations Board NLRB would revoke their certification as as yourrepresentative should they prevail in this election.

    What's going on with this?

  20. Can we get some clearifcation on this?

  21. It appears that the pro union people have no response. I would definitely like to hear what they have to say. At this point if I were pro union, I would seriously begin to doubt the legitimacy of this potential union. To start with posting by laws or just a rough draft of them. Then potentially merging or speaking with a transportation union which now appears is a violation, and finally having no recent responses to any queations posed to them in attmept to squash inaccurate information or rumors, leads me to believe that they have no clue and we should give Glen an opportunity to make good on what he wants and says to do and vote NO to the union. Why would I put all my faith into this crap when they can not even respond to simple questions. What happens if we get in a situation and need representation? How long are we going to have to wait for a response. I would like to think with the election approaching pro union people would make themselves readily availble but they havent .There are more queations than answers at this time. As of now, what can it hurt to give Glen one year to do right . If the pro union people don't like it get your crap together and sell me on the union. Each one of us need to ask ourselves is this the type of representation i want? By laws that are sub par at best, an anti law enforcement union who will undoubtedly raise our dues according to their own by laws, and our potential leaders going completely dark just prior to elections. I can see clearly were my vote is going: NO for union

  22. Hello, anyone from the union?

  23. Are the union organizers willing to give up their posts/other jobs to represent the handlers full time? That would show true dedication to cause and that they really give a shit. If not, they're just trying to get on another tit.