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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Business as Usual

My fellow handlers,

Tomorrow will mark one week since our fellow handler, Seamus Fennessy, surrendered his partner Mattie to MSA. Since then, there has been an outpouring of support for Seamus and his family. On Friday afternoon, Senator Sam Thompson of New Jersey's 12th District wrote a letter to Mike O'Neil and Glen Kucera in support of Seamus. You can find the news story regarding the letter and comments from Senator Thompson here. He has yet to receive a response.


We've also received confirmation that Senator Thompson has reached out to Governor Phil Murphy's office, briefed them on the situation, and discussed possible actions this afternoon. Senator Bob Menendez, a staunch supporter of animal rights, has also been in contact with the Fennessy family and has conveyed that they "have his office's full attention."

It would seem that all eyes are on the third floor of 9 Murray Street. As of now, there is silence, yet the walls continue to close in. With growing interest from the public, MSA can not continue to claim that their policies are top secret. We all know these policies simply don't exist. Policies are created and forgotten on a daily basis and the handlers in the field are never informed. If MSA is worried their policies could incriminate the company, perhaps they should develop policies that don't result in public outcry. Business as usual unfortunately. It's the same business as usual that has cost MSA over $15 million in legal settlements, the same business as usual that results in a 30% turnover rate every year, and the same business as usual that has tarnished MSA's once legendary reputation.

Glen, we have a challenge for you. If you truly want to fix this, do not surround yourself with the same yes men that were the cause of all these problems in the first place.  These are the same people that claimed they didn't have to pay us overtime, the same people that claimed they were in compliance with the SCA, and the same people who have ruined our relationships with the clients. Talk to the handlers who are reservists, get their opinion on the matter, then develop a policy that proves MSA is as military friendly as it claims. You could even go one step further and sit down with us and discuss a plan that would apply to all handlers and their partners if they choose to leave MSA. Better yet, work with us to make MSA a company that handlers won't want to leave in the first place.

No matter what, do not rely on business as usual this time. Do the right thing, reach out to Seamus and his family, and make this right.

In other news, a settlement agreement is close to being reached. The January 16th letter sent to Judge Gorenstein by all parties expressed hope that we will have a final settlement agreement within the next week. Updates will be posted as they happen.


  1. Whatever toxic leadership we have at MSA is both tone deaf and blind to what is going on, or the executives are so arrogant and ego-centric they simply do not care how much damage they are doing to the reputation of MSA. We already know they don't care how many employees they hurt, but they take perverse pleasure when they can stick it to a handler. MSA Security as a company keeps taking hits - whether in a courtroom or in the court of public opinion. This latest incident involving Seamus and Mattie leads me to believe that management does not care about the viability of MSA as a company. Who makes the decision to tear a seven year old dog away from a handler who has to fulfill a military obligation? It makes no sense and whomever made this decision should have the guts to identify themselves and explain why Mattie is better off kenneled in Windsor and remind us again how the dog is "family". I doubt that will happen though because the K9 department has a huge void when it comes to leadership and that puts us all at risk. All they had to do was have Seamus sign a waiver that he would accept all costs associated with the care and well-being of Mattie and that he would never use her again as an EDC - but instead of honor and compassion being the norm, vindictiveness and abuse of power is business as usual at MSA. How does anyone in the sales department look a client in the eye and say MSA puts out a good product? How do they sleep at night knowing they are telling the clients a fairy tale. Does the subject even come up when a client is being wined and dined by the sales department or do the clients not care either? I'm sure Mindy Levine of the Yankees - a true dog lover would be very unhappy to know how callously MSA Security treats it's dogs, handlers and their families. How does PBB feel about the current business model regarding the dogs? What is the status of the NYPD investigation into the debacle at the ferry? An embarrassing and inexcusable incident - not the handlers fault, but he was the one who had to be blamed. Hopefully this latest incident with Seamus and Mattie and the involvement of Senator Thompson will accomplish two things - get Mattie back to the family that cares about her and bring some much needed scrutiny and accountability to MSA Security because they certainly need it. It is very sad what has happened to MSA Security, but unfortunately it's only us who care not 9 Murray.

    1. Well said!! I wonder daily what goes on in the suits minds at Murray Street. Especially since a good portion were former cops and/or military. I cant imagine that a 6 figure salary makes up for being able to sleep at night. Maybe that's just me.

  2. What a shame ! So Evil of MSA to act so cruel.