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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Lawsuit Update

This week, all parties signed an agreement to settle the lawsuit. Information concerning the individual amounts owed and dates of payment will be mailed to each handler in the near future.

In addition, handlers that were hired from April 6th to November 10th, 2018 will be mailed paperwork informing them of their addition to the New York class, the California class, or how to join the FLSA collective.

We'd also like to thank the several handlers that reached out to us and the city of New York about retaliation for using sick leave. The Department of Consumer Affairs is currently investigating the reports. We will post updates as we receive the information.

We've also recently begun discussions with the NYC Human Rights Council in regards to possible discrimination and harassment committed by MSA management. If you've ever felt harassed, intimidated, or discriminated against by anyone from MSA, please reach out to us ASAP at info@nopaymsa.com. All reports are confidential.

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  1. Sick Leave? What sick leave? You mean our PTO time that serves as vacation?