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Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Letter from Dave Aboulafia...

Dear Clients:

I have tried mightily to stay on the periphery of the attempts of MSA employees to unionize. However, a barrage of communications from Steve Maritas, and one in particular dated April 13, deserves special mention.

Mr. Maritas runs a professional union organizing group who has attempted to commandeer, for his own purposes, the union being formed by the UNITED FEDERATION OF K9 HANDLERS led by Bill Beaury, Joe Nacarlo, and others.

You're all in law enforcement, and your instincts are better than mine. So let me point out the obvious.

Maritas uses the letters "US" in his logo, purposely suggesting an affiliation with the United States government. This is a potential violation of federal law.

He talks in the language of sales. That should be obvious to you all. He incorporates the phrase "Benevolent Association" in the title of the organization. He is a strong arm union organizer, not the PBA, and his goal is self-serving financial gain, and not philanthropic. He has already suggested how much money he wants from MSA employees in dues.

Maritas spells the word "Association" wrong in his letter. He also spells the word "Security" wrong. Both are in the title of his own organization. This kind of tomfoolery and sloppiness says a lot about the person writing the letter.

Now, in a somewhat desperate move, he is petitioning Bill to "join forces" with him. What poppycock.

Since Maritas has questioned the quality of the Federation's legal representation, I add this: If the United Federation conducts collective bargaining with MSA, I am told that I am the one who will be selected to do it. I am not a simple country lawyer. I am a contracts litigator and drafter in the heart of Manhattan Island, who litigates (as do my co-counsel) against some of the best attorneys in the world. I don't give a crap who is on the other side. My grandfather founded a Union that is now part of the Teamsters. My best friend in the world works beside you right now. And, thanks to my 214 clients, I have gained an intimate knowledge of the goings-on inside MSA.

Any good detective or poker player knows what a "tell" is: A simple thing that tells worlds about the person in front of you. I've hoped you've picked all this up. If you want a union, vote for the United Federation.

And one more thing: If any of you have been harassed or threatened over participation in the Union or the Lawsuit, you need to let me know.


Dave Aboulafia

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