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Sunday, April 15, 2018

An Open Letter to Steve Maritas...

Dear Steve,

The United Federation of K9 Handlers leadership informed you in March that we did not want your help. You told us you would withdraw from the election. You didn't. You wanted us to affiliate with your union and pay you tribute. We said no. You copied everything we proposed and made it seem like it was your idea. You forwarded and agreed with letters that MSA had sent disparaging decorated members of the NYPD.

You want to represent decorated Police Officers and Veterans of our armed forces yet when we refused your offers you said "the problem is they're cops... dickheaded stupid guys." Well this highly decorated New York City Police Officer and our leadership of decorated Veterans and Police Officers have only one thing to say to you. Please go away. We don't need or want anything you have to offer.

Bill Beaury

Your comments about us have been forwarded to every Police Officer in the five boroughs and surrounding counties.

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